The Search

The emerging advanced gravitational wave detectors LIGO, Virgo and KAGRA are taking the Local Transient Universe directly to you by probing the inner-most workings of hyper-energetic core-collapse supernovae, cosmological gamma-ray bursts and unanticipated sources that remain to be discovered. This quest promises to tell us a unique story about the final endpoint of the most massive stars and the "last tango" in the coalescence of a neutron star with another with neutron star or a black hole companion. The simultaneous measurement of physical and astronomical parameters will inform us on the radiation processes driving their explosive interactions, whose echos reach the Earth as the faintest whispers in gravitational waves. We seek to detect these by advanced analysis of gravitational-wave detector data with the aid of some prior knowledge on their gravitational wave forms, if possible in combination with existing ground based and satellite observatories operating in the electromagnetic spectrum.